Most times, it’s not always convenient to rush to the hospital every time you cough or sneeze? Especially when hospitals are not your comfort zone. And sometimes DIY-ing your treatments is a much more effective solution than getting a store-bought medicine. Although it is not always suitable, for some minor issues, you can always DIY it. 



The Best DIY Medical Treatments That Work 


Honey and pepper cough drops 

So you have a cold. And evidently, your throat is burning from all the pressure of talking. It isn’t significant enough for you to visit your doctor, but you still require a quick fix?

Try making this. Get yourself a tablespoon of honey and sprinkle some bits of pepper. Then swallow the mixture, and your throat will be instantly relieved for a few hours. Repeat this process as much as you would need it. It is not dangerous and can allow for instant pain relief. 


DIY Hand sanitizer 

Due to the recent global pandemic, washing hands every passing minute had become a necessary thing to do. And the next best thing to washing hands was using a hand sanitizer when a washing basic was not available nearby.

Hand sanitizers are running out of stores because of high demand so try making your own. Take equal parts aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. You can also add a few drops of your choice of essential oil for scent purposes. And voila! You have yourself a convenient and useful hand sanitizer. 


Sunburn gel 

Been out at the beach all day and came back home with an itchy and painful sunburn? Do not worry. Just grab some aloe vera gel, bottled or fresh, and rub it on the parts of your body that are red. You will experience instant relief. 



As discussed, going to the doctor for petty issues like these is not always the solution, and you can, in fact, DIY it.